Vincent Lowe: Ministry Leader

Vincent N. Lowe, husband of 16 years and father of 3 beautiful daughters was baptized in 1999. The Holy Spirit has led him to serve those who are less fortunate. As a Sunday school teacher, church trustee, Big Brother and Worship Leader, he is utilized in numerous capacities. 
Woodrow Bailey: Director of Media Relations

Woodrow Bailey grew up at the Normandie Church of Christ being baptized in 1974. As a Social Worker, Woodrow sees the plight of the homeless on a daily basis. As a member of the HH4H Ministry, he combines his talent for helping others and his passion for creating ways to communicate the cause for people in need.
W. Helen Thomas: Financial Officer

W. Helen Thomas, a native of Texas has been in California since 1962. Ms Thomas has a B.S. degree from Jarvis Christian College. She has been a member of the Normandie Church of Christ since 1974. Ms Thomas has been a member of the  HH4H Ministry since Feb. 2007.
Tamara Woolery : Director of Fundraising

Tamara Woolery obeyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2000. 
As a mother of 2 amazing sons and a gifted granddaughter, her passion has always been helping those in need. 
Sandra M. Parham: Director of Research

Sandra M. Parham was baptized in 1969 at the Schrader Lane Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. Although serving at various congregations across the country she made her home at the Normandie Church of Christ where she is a dedicated member of the HH4H Ministry specializing in research and grant writing. She is an academic dean at a local college.
Eric Kizziee: Director of Publicity

Eric Kizziee, husband of 20 years and father of 2 wonderful daughter has been a dedicated member at the Normandie Church of Christ and with HH4H Ministry. 
When asked why he works so diligently with HH4h Ministry Eric shared his own testimony.

" Through life we all have had our share of struggles and I'm no different. I was once homeless myself. I've struggled with my faith and I have been in and out of the church for many years. It wasn't until arriving at Normandie that I realize my purpose in life. That purpose is to be the best servant for God that I can be, reaching out to those who are less fortunate. I have found great reward in my calling. " 
Calvin Gray: Director of Prayer 

Calvin Gray was baptized in 1988 and supports the Normandie congregation through his commitment to the transportation needs of the church. Although his function within HH4H Ministry is as prayer director, he serves in various other capacities within the church. He is the van driver for most church functions, and is also in charge of security for the HH4H on-site team.

The staff of the Normandie Church of Christ Homeless Ministry meets every Wednesday morning to share prayer requests we have received. We would like to pray for you!

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